Alyxandria Root


Moniker: The Harvest

Known Powers: Organic Decay, Killing Scream

Faceclaim: Emily Blunt


Your older sister did everything quicker than you. She underwent her Naming at 16, she had already shown signs up magic. Since then, she’s made a killing as an agricultural mogul. Her fields return greater and greater profits each year. You’d grown apart during the time she initially went off to college and abroad, staying and learning with your family elsewhere. When she returned, she was different. Colder towards you as you still hadn’t manifested your abilities.

You don’t know what happened to her when she was in Europe, but she rarely seems to have time for you now. Mom is urging her to get married, but she says she doesn’t have the time. It looks as if she’s going to inherit the family matriarch role and the family home when your mom passes. You aren’t sure if you’ll be allowed to stay or kicked out, which means you’ve been watching over your younger sister too since Alyx can’t seem to stand her.

Alyxandria Root

Coven Nicklaus