Rhonda Root


Moniker: The Shield

Known Powers: Protection Spells, Fireball, Invulnerable Skin

Faceclaim: Debbie Harry


Your mother is a strong woman, but not the most open. She’s kept silent on the matter of any of your fathers, but you suspect that you all have different ones. She kept you all terribly safe growing up. She has always been supporting you, even though your powers have yet to show. You knew how proud she was of your sister however to carry on the family tradition.

You do remember many times when your mother would leave for weeks at a time. There was only one time that someone came unbidden to your home. Someone with guns. You hardly remember the feeling of bullets bouncing off of your skin, but you do remember the sight of your mother taking a sword and then the rolling head across the kitchen linoleum before a fireball engulfed the body where not the rug lays to cover the ugly black mark… To put it plainly, your mother is every bit a Crimson Clan witch as the others.

Rhonda Root

Coven Nicklaus