Will Fisher



Moniker: The Crown

Known Powers: Superstrength (Pride), Power Channeling (Crown)

Faceclaim: Tyler Hoechlin


Will Fisher is an oddity among the Blood Witches. He was originally a female. Upon his naming as The Crown, he began to present as a man. This caused quite the controversy among even other families. Had there been no boys born the year the Crown wished to be reborn among the families? What of having children? Would “she” bear no children to further her family as was their duty?

In your own family, Will Fisher is a mixed subject. Your mother applauds him for his choices, but she feels hesitant that any Founder especially risk not having children. It risks their whole family to not have a link to their ancestor. Alyx, however, just wishes he would own up to his selfishness. He joined the Sin Circle as Pride . That’s all this is. Arrogant Pride.

Will is the most approachable of the founders. When you have the chance to be in Salem, he is the one who will take the time to speak to all witches, no matter their path. Granted, that’s still a dangerous prospect considering how powerful he’s viewed as, but still.

Will Fisher

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