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A long time ago, witches from the great cities warred against one another in a quest for power. Warlocks ran rampant, and the enemies of all magic closed in. Demons, vampires, and stranger things still culled the masses of witches to the point of extinction. The covens scrawled their messages on mirrors and whispered their secrets on the wind. A covenant was struck in a city that never was, preventing war between the great cities for a hundred years.

The city they chose, a nowhere place in Virginia, was named Roanoke. The covens approached an outsider to bind them peaceably. The Vow swore them to their promise. While the promise held, The Vow could sense attempts to steal other powers and put a stop to the offenders. The powers of other witches sustained her and protected her from magics. Time’s up, and the Warlock lady doesn’t have any hope of survival if the others want her power. It’s not going to be easy. What decisions will the new powers that be make to save their people?


American witches in the last hundred years have given a single location true neutral grounds for the purposes of practicing their craft. This city is Roanoke, VA. Other major cities often find themselves home to powerful witches, families, or covens which lay down their own laws. The major cities for magic in the last century have been Salem and New Orleans, each with a powerful coven controlling their streets.

There are four (sometimes blurred) routes that produce magical potential. Heredity, natural aptitude, wisdom, and arcane theft can all produce powerful witches that one day could wield strong monikers. Currently, Warlocks are rare to find in North America but the breakdown is as follows.

  • Blood witches gain their power from their parentage. Also, therefore, called Hereditary Witches. Most witches draw their power off of hereditary lines.
  • Wild witches have a natural talent seemingly unrelated to any study or heredity. Also called Hedge Witches. The next most common type of witch simply come into their power without any outside influence.
  • Occultists do not actually possess magic inherent to themselves, but through study and dedication can enact powerful magic nonetheless. Also called Practitioners. These somewhat rare individuals sought out magic and learned to wield it without any natural aptitude.
  • Warlocks are those who steal power from other witches through ritualistic and arcane murder. These individuals have stolen the magic of others and their monikers as their path to power.

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