Why you want to be us: We are the ones who truly understand magic. We’ve spent our lives dedicated to learning and mastering its abilities. We have all that mastery behind us now.
Why you fear us: We are the ones who walk unseen. You know only of the spells of ours we wish you to know about. Perhaps we work alone, or perhaps we’ve joined covens of like-minded scholars who can bring destruction upon you. Tread carefully either way.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Cannot have moniker powers stolen and do not appear magic to any senses
Con: Extended casting only

Extra Info

It takes time to master the path of the Practitioner. You’ve dedicated yourself likely to very specific things in your studies, but you are not as limited as the others believe you to be. Simply because others know you as one face does not mean you do not know how to play other roles. And when the Warlocks, the demons, the vampires, and the hunters all start coming for power, they will pass you by so that you can live in peace.


Coven Nicklaus