Why you want to be us: We take what we deserve. The world will not hold you back. You will be the most feared of all witches, and for good reason. You will be powerful.
Why you fear us: We will take everything you hold dear. Everything that you are, we could take from you. It’s so easy too. Dare you to cross us?

Pros and Cons

Pro: Gain one power from each person you extract from, and the moniker of the 1st
Con: Never develop your powers without murder

Extra Info

Warlocks are heavily monitored. The Vow has the ability to tell when you gain your powers, which often means if it wasn’t a sanctioned kill, you have at least one implacable enemy coming for you. Though the truth is witches are not the only way to gain power. Deals with demons and other entities may even provide just as much.


Coven Nicklaus