Wild witches


Why you want to be us: We are the origin of all magic. We are the primal forces, the arcane fonts, the pneumatic nexuses. With the power of our monikers, we change the world as we wish. If you are truly who you say you are, you are a wild witch.
Why you fear us: We are the most powerful of all witches. Magic comes simply more easily to us than to any other. The hedge witch needs only moments to do what others must slave for weeks to do.

Pros and Cons

Pro: One dot reduction in dot level to minimum 1
Con: No extended casting

Extra Info

Hedge witches are the most likely witches to have spontaneously come into their power without any prior training or sacrifice. They seem to just naturally come into their own. They are also the most likely witches to risk exposure and being targeted for their nature because of this. Wild Witches are the most likely witches to have faced and survived strife and danger in their lives to get where they are, which often breeds a certain respect when they meet one another.

Wild witches

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