Naomi Deirdre



Moniker: The Sigil

Know Powers: Transmutation (Greed), Logophagia (Sigil)

Faceclaim: Olivia Williams


Naomi Deirdre is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of witches. It’s said that The Sigil was the only Founder who was not a Wild Witch when they begat their line, but rather a Warlock. The Amber Clan is said to be the most magically inclined of any of the lines with rarely a child born who doesn’t possess talent. They are also incredibly insular, and none moreso than Naomi.

However, your family had to present a united front before her once before. She had commissioned a talisman that your family chanted for almost a solid week to create, you and your younger sister included. Your mother tried to occlude what it did from you, but you knew. You were always too smart for that. She holds a talisman that will kill everyone the person who slays her loves.

Naomi Deirdre

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